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    Motomatch provides platform for customers and dealers to connect in a safe and secure way
    Online vehicle sales promote social distancing and health measures, and comply with the government’s COVID-19 regulations
    Customers are increasingly relying on digital platforms as a convenient way of finding the best deals – a trend that is growing rapidly

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa,...

    Motomatch is proving to be an exceptionally beneficial tool to drive the sustainability of the motor industry and dealer network during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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    Free access to Motomatch for qualifying dealers provides a boost for the motor industry during this period of uncertainty
    Applies to new dealers that register on Motomatch, with existing dealers receiving a credit to alleviate their financial burden
    Motomatch matches customers and dealers – even during lockdown, so deals can be concluded as soon as business resumes


    Motomatch is making its contribution to the sustainability of the motor industry and the dealer network by offering free access to its online platform for all qualified dealers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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    Social distancing is having a direct impact on showroom traffic for car dealers
    With Motomatch, customers and dealers have access to a virtual marketplace and lead generator around the clock and countrywide without the need for physical contact
    Dealers need to adapt and expand their online presence to serve an increasingly tech-savvy customer base – now and in the...

    “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.” Benet Wilson’s famous quote in the wake of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in the US seems particularly apt once again at this point in our history, with the unprecedented and far-reaching global crisis that is unfolding.

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    Motomatch is a virtual marketplace and online lead generator that gives car dealers daily access to new customers
    Quality leads for buying and selling, with an interactive real-time dashboard and chat for dealers and customers, plus dealer-to-dealer
    Over R355-million worth of offers made on Motomatch to date, with 20-percent month-on-month growth in stock listed on...

    The automotive industry is fast-paced and rapidly evolving – but it’s also more competitive than ever for new and used car dealers.

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    Motomatch online platform provides an easy and secure way for customers to receive offers from approved dealers nationwide when buying or selling a car
    Customers can list cars for free on, receive and compare multiple offers from interested dealers
    Buyers simply enter information about the car/s they are interested in buying and receive multiple offers...

    The process of buying or selling a car is often a time-consuming and tedious experience. But now there’s an innovative new online vehicle sales platform, Motomatch (, which lets the deals come to you.