Revolutionizes the Way Dealers do Business - 10 Mar 20

Motomatch revolutionizes the way dealers do business

  • Motomatch is a virtual marketplace and online lead generator that gives car dealers daily access to new customers
  • Quality leads for buying and selling, with an interactive real-time dashboard and chat for dealers and customers, plus dealer-to-dealer
  • Over R355-million worth of offers made on Motomatch to date, with 20-percent month-on-month growth in stock listed on
  • More than 2 800 vehicles listed for sale, 2 100 customers looking to buy nationwide
  • Innovative new way of doing business in a highly competitive industry

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 10 March 2020 – The automotive industry is fast-paced and rapidly evolving – but it’s also more competitive than ever for new and used car dealers. Motomatch offers a new and innovative way for dealers to do business, where quality leads from interested buyers are delivered right to your desktop.

“We created Motomatch to provide a virtual marketplace and lead generator that gives dealers access to new customers countrywide,” says Dov Stern, director of Motomatch. “We understand the challenges that dealers face daily, including a sluggish economy and a general decline in showroom traffic as customers increasingly turn to online sources for information and purchases.

“The cost of doing business has increased significantly, and most dealers are finding it difficult to keep up and grow their sales,” Stern explains. “The rapid growth in the number of car sales websites has also made this an exceptionally crowded online environment where it’s difficult for dealers to stand out and attract quality leads from genuine customers.”

Motomatch is different in that it brings the deals to you at a flat monthly fee for an unlimited number of leads, thus helping dealers to increase their customer engagement and sales conversion rates. “Instead of waiting for customers to walk into the showroom or respond to an advertisement, dealers are now able to instantly connect with new customers around the country on Motomatch,” Stern says.

In addition to the listing of dealer stock for sale, Motomatch provides the ideal virtual marketplace for dealers to source vehicles for their inventory, as owners are able to list their cars for free. Dealers that are registered on Motomatch can then submit offers directly to the seller.

Communicating with potential customers couldn’t be easier, as Motomatch uses an interactive real-time dashboard and chat, which is accessible from a desktop computer or mobile device – thus keeping you in touch with the market at all times, and allowing multiple offers to be submitted in a single action.

With consumers demanding increased privacy and online security, Motomatch allows users to work at their own pace with complete anonymity, whether buying or selling a vehicle. Their details are only shared once an offer is accepted and they choose to connect with dealer – thereby giving customers peace of mind, while facilitating improved sales conversion rates for dealers based on genuine interest from customers.

Motomatch also provides a convenient dealer-to-dealer interface, which makes the buying or selling of vehicles within the dealer trade much simpler and easier.

“Since we launched Motomatch in mid-2019, we have experienced 20-percent month-on-month growth in stock listed on our site,” Stern says. “The value of offers made to date exceeds R355-million, and we have an average of more than 2 100 customers looking to purchase their new car. We also have around 2 800 owners wanting to sell, which gives dealers great access to a wide selection of pre-owned vehicles to suit their specific requirements.”

The Motomatch user experience for dealers is built around the company’s philosophy of providing simplicity, great service and convenience. Dealers can log into wherever they are via a mobile device, desktop or laptop computer to view leads from prospective buyers or sellers. An offer is then made to the customer and, if accepted, the customer’s details are shared, and the deal can be finalised.

“Motomatch has changed the way the industry does business, as we do all the work in connecting customers with dealers, and then you make the match,” Stern concludes.

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