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    Ford released limited edition Cortina Springbok, referred to by many as the ‘bokkie bakkie’

    Many believe that the customary word ‘bakkie’ was first used on the Cortina

    Fully restored and extremely rare example joins Ford’s Heritage Month celebration in South Africa

    PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA, 18 September 2020 – A few years after the first Cortina bakkie was...

    A few years after the first Cortina bakkie was launched in South Africa in 1971, Ford released a limited edition of the Cortina MK3 bakkie, badged the Cortina Springbok edition. This unique vehicle, designed to commemorate the All Blacks rugby tour to South Africa, started a trend for the many iconic nameplates that would later arrive in Ford’s 96-year history in the country.

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    Ford’s history in South Africa goes back to 1905, with local vehicle assembly commencing in 1924

    Various unique models were built exclusively in South Africa, with two one-of-a-kind Ford Rangers joining the list in 2019 and 2020

    Heritage Month epitomises the ‘Ford For South Africa’ brand campaign that reaffirms Ford’s commitment to the country and its...

    Ingenuity and determination. These are two traits that South Africans have in abundance, especially when it comes to building bespoke vehicles that would eventually become revered the world over.